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Before And After
Iliana lost 47lbs!
I started working out at Lucille Roberts and I took 2 classes each day, 4 times each week. Itís such a warm and friendly environment; it makes any woman feel right at home. The staff is so supportive and available to guide you on your fitness journey. I love the classes, they are great! Lucille has a variety of great classes for different levels of fitness and different goals. Whether you want to lose weight, tone, strengthen or stretch, itís all offered by Lucille Roberts!
Tina lost 50lbs!
When I first joined Lucille Roberts I was totally impressed by the kindness of the staff and members. The unlimited classes, visits, orientations and endless support guarantee success. After my first class I immediately became addicted to working out there. Within 7 months Iíd lost over 50 pounds and I've kept it off!
Dana lost 55lbs!
As I got older and went through some tough personal times I turned to food. I didnít realized how much weight I was gaining. Then I saw a picture of myself and thought ďwho is this girl?Ē I started following the Lucille Roberts diet plan and taking the Live Rite shakes. I also started taking classes before or after work. They are so much fun, you laugh, smile and just have a great time while working out! You make great friends at the gym and everyone motivates each other!
Melissa lost 70lbs!
The best thing about Lucille Roberts is that we are all women. Everyone comes here for the same reason: they want a fun, fast and motivating workout, and at Lucille Roberts thatís what you get. The instructors and trainers pushed me to never give up, keep trying and push myself. Also, to also take it one step at a time. Setting weekly goals and starting out small will make your goals more realistic and easier to reach. That's how I lost
over 70lbs!
Jennifer lost 115lbs!
I faced a number of health problems, but the wake-up call that snapped me into action happened when I could hardly fit into my airplane seat and wasnít able to buckle the seat belt. That day, I made the commitment to quit my bad habits and adopt a healthier way of life through diet and exercise. When I walked into Lucille Roberts I was welcomed with open arms. I love that it is an all women gym because I feel very comfortable. Working out in a group setting with women is very encouraging and motivating. I find that I push myself more working out with others and it is so much more fun!
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