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Brittany Hennessy

Brittany Hennessy is the Director of Digital Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Lucille Roberts and the Editor of the Lucille Roberts Blog. She holds a B.A. from Rutgers University in Journalism and Mass Media studies and loves writing about fitness, beauty and food. She made a commitment to eat healthy and exercise when she was slimming down for her wedding and is still at it, proving that lifestyle changes are much more effective than diets! Follow her @2legit2britt

Barbara BaezBarbara Baez

Barbara Baez is the Social Media Manager at Lucille Roberts. With a B.A. in Journalism and a passion for all things Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc., she is ready to take the social media and blogging world by storm! Barbara is a Long Island native who loves bootcamp classes and running to stay in shape. Vegetarian, self-proclaimed nail polish junkie, health nut, and photo enthusiast, Barbara is excited to be a part of the Lucille Roberts team! Follow her on Twitter: @BarbaraMBaez

Cathy Profile 4 (1)Catherine Mendez

Catherine Mendez is the Mangaging Editor at Lucille Roberts. With a B.A. in Journalism from Quinnipiac University, writing is her calling. A born New York City gal, Catherine is a social media lover and runner (when it’s warm out). A magazine hoarder, hopeFUL romantic, and avid list maker, she is looking to polish up her yoga skills. Catherine never parts with her iPhone so follow her: @cathjmendez

ilise reillyIlise Reilly

Ilise Reilly is the General Manager of Lucille Roberts Fifth Avenue, where she sees first hand the struggles and misconceptions members have with food and exercise. “Exercise burns calories, but if you don’t change your eating habits, you will never lose weight!” is commonly heard in her discussions. A “foodie” herself, Ilise has been making over her favorite recipes for years, to make them more nutritional, and has used her love of both food and fitness to compile recipes the fuel the body. ” Abs are made in the kitchen,” she says, “and I want to help you get yours!”

mihaela blaga

Mihaela Blaga

Mihaela Blaga is  a blog contributor at Lucille Roberts. Originally from Romania, she has B.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Philosophy from Spiru Haret University in Bucharest. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and languages–in addition to Romanian she speaks Italian and Spanish. Before joining the editorial department, Mihaela worked at Lucille Roberts 42nd St.

Dr. Emily

Dr. Emily Splichal serves as the Fitness Director for Lucille Roberts. She is a Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and national fitness expert recognized by stiletto-lovers as “Dr. Legs” from her posture and balance fitness workouts Catwalk Confidence® and Stiletto Recovery®. Dr. Emily has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, and The Doctors and has been highlighted in Glamour, Seventeen, Women’s Day, and Elle Magazine. Certifications: NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist, NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer.



    • Baby fat can sometimes be a toughie. To lose that last few pound post-baby require a lot of hard work in the gym and a dedicated diet. With that said, it is possible! Try to incorporate interval training, resistance training and a healthy diet, which in conjunction will be sure to keep your metabolism elevated and your fat burning. –Dr. Emily

      • Azam, I’m a mother of one beautiful girl, she’s almost 6 months, It was hard for me to go back to the routine, but i did, i took my time, and also took me about 3 to 4 months to lose almost 62 lbs,
        everything is dedication and hard work, now Im back to my regular weight, I also use the LR vanilla shake, I replace breakfast and one snack, It helped me a lot, now I feel great.

    • My name is Donna Brennan. I am the Group Fitness Presenter for Long Island. I have been teaching classes at Lucille Roberts for over 16 years. I have two children! My kids came with me to the gym and stayed in babysitting so I was able to fit in my workouts. I was very thankful for that!!

      I feel the best way to help lose that post baby weight was simply taking all the classes at the gym. There are classes for everyone. And if they stay commited, they will see results. Its better working out with a group than working out alone. They can bring their children and fit in a great challenging 45 minute class!!

      The best move to do at home or at the gym that will work your entire upper body and abs with no equipment is the classic pushup. You can keep it simple with your knees on the floor, or challenge yourself and lift up those knees. This is great for helping tone up after having a baby.

      Donna Brennan
      LR Group Fitness Presenter
      Long Island

  2. I have a question on sleep and weight loss. I work 12 hrs and its overnight, you say you have to get enough sleep to lose weight, well that’s my problem I dont get enough sleep cause I am always up either at work or at home because I work those hours my sleeping habits have changed and I do get the urge to snack then, its like I go on this food binge at night and it always happens around after midnight, please tell me what I can do to help improve my weight lose because after all this hard work i have done I have manged to lose 50lbs already in a year tops and planning to continuie. i would like to know how can I controll my snacking because i do miss alot of meals like breakfast and lunch plenty of times. help me pleaseee!!!!

  3. If you know that at the same time every day you have the urge to snack and you otherwise eat well, allow yourself 150-250 calories of whatever you want to eat. We all get urges and sometimes suppressing them makes it stronger.

  4. I just finished chemo and radiation in July and started training with Sandy in the Yonkers Lucille Roberts. She is amazing, I already see results in five weeks. Not only is she a great personal trainer but a beautiful person. Thanks Sandy.

  5. The number one disease that doctors are concerned about today is obesity which is at the highest ever in our country. I am glad that Lucille Roberts is also focusing on nutrition because in order to truly reap health benefits one needs to eat the right combined foods as well as exercise.
    Sandy, Thanks for your tips, especially for teaching me how to combine the good fats ,proteins and carbohydrates with my meals. You are awesome.

  6. Hi my name is miriam and for the last two years have gain some belly fat along with 20pounds some members of my family say that is normel when one gets to be your age and has gone throw a bad relationship please tell me that @ 59 I still can get back in shape

  7. I have recently joined Lucille Roberts Gym and have benn working out 4 to 5 times a week for a little over a month (with the exception of 2 weeks). Sadly I have yet to see any results. I do not eat perfectly and I do drink on the weekends, But, I do not over eat. I was thinking of using one of the weight loss supplement drinks (most likely pounds away). My question is, Is there a recommended eating regimen for my schedule (8-4 weekly, Gym at 4:30pm-6:30pm)….

  8. Dear Melissa,
    Sorry you are not seeing results yet. Hopefully you are feeling increased energy, strength and better overall quaility of life. The average woman takes in between 250-500 calories per day on the weekends. That can add up to quite a bit overtime. Your’e eating does not have to be “perfect” as you say…but it plays a HUGE role in seeing results. If your Doctor feels it is safe, Pounds Away is my own choice for most of my clients. In addition, I sugest adding 1-2 LiveRite shakes per day as mini-meals. I do this everyday regardless of other factors. We have amazing recipes posted daily. Wishing you success in all of your endeavors.

  9. i have lost 22.2 lbs in 6 weeks working with natalie ang training with joyce …there dedication is remarkable…could not do it with out these ladies … so grateful and feel great

  10. My name is Donna Udry, In May of 2010 I started having severe respiratory problems. I was in and out of the hospital 4 times and almost bed ridden for most of the year. Most of the doctors I went to kept putting me on steriods. I was overweight to begin with but with the steriods I became moribly obese. I had the gastric sleeve surgery on April 14, 2011. I was told that I should lose about 65lbs in 18 months. I joined the roosevelt gym. With the help of the best staff in the world and the soriety atmosphere as of today, seven months I have lost 85lbs and 46 inches. My doctors are amazed. I would love to lose another 30lbs and thanks to Tara, Jill and Vanessa and the rest of the staff there is no doubt in my mind that I will. Thank You

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, Donna. It is so inspiring to hear about your success! Keep up the good work!

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