Why You Can’t Sleep: 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong Before Bed

woman having trouble sleeping

Not getting enough sleep lately? Join the club.

It’s said that adults are supposed to get 7-8 hours of sleep, but that’s not the case for many of us. If you find yourself struggling to get to bed at decent hour, these things could be the reason:

1. Looking at a bright screen - Whether you’re watching your favorite late-night show or browsing your smart phone, the brightness of your devices could be straining your eyes making it harder for you to fall asleep. Instead, try reading a book or magazine. This trick usually always works for me, making my eye lids heavy.

2. Drinking caffeine - This is a big no-no! Coffee, soda, and drinks alike are all part of your diet to help keep you awake. If you choose to drink them before bed then you’re basically telling your body it can’t be tired. Choose decaffeinated tea or water, it will be able to quench your thirst.

3. Exercising - Getting your workout in before bed isn’t the best choice. Post-workout usually leaves you feeling energized not ready to climb into bed. Try scheduling your fitness in the morning or afternoon.

4. Eating -  Having the munchies before bed is common, but try to resist especially if you’re craving spicy foods or ones that will make you gassy. Drink water or sip on some hot tea.

5. Stressing about tomorrow - Maybe you have a big day at work or a job interview tomorrow, but it’s important to stay relaxed. To keep from getting stressed about your many obligations, try making a list of what you have to get done or plan ahead by picking your outfit the night before. These little things may help you get a better night’s sleep.

If you’re still having trouble, check out our tips to get a better sleep.

Catherine Mendez

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