How Long Should You Wait to Work Out After Eating?

woman eating oatmealWhether you are partial to exercising during the day or at night, how you space your meals throughout the day may have an effect on your workout performance. Making the mistake of eating too much before exercise can interfere with your fitness goals.

So, when it comes to eating before exercise, it’s all about timing. We know it might be a little extra work, but having a solid plan set for your eating schedule can be extremely beneficial. This will also help you be able to plan your workouts too. Be sure to have your exercises planned two to three hours after you eat.

I don’t know about you, but usually after I eat a big meal, I start feeling full, sluggish, and tad lazy. Stomach discomfort is also another common side-effect and the last thing you want to happen is for your workout habits to hinder your body’s digestion process.

Most experts suggest eating a small snack, a combination of carbs and a little protein (all under 200 calories), about an hour before you plan to workout. A couple options could be a bowl of oatmeal with fruit or some yogurt and nuts. And if you prefer a morning workout, remember that exercising on an empty stomach is a major no-n0. Whip up a protein smoothie or grab a fruit and nut bar, so your body will get the proper nutrients essential for your workout.


Catherine Mendez

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