10 Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Gynecological Cancer

questions about gynecological cancer

September is Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month and if there was ever a time to ask your doctor questions, it is NOW. We know you might be shy or anxious, so here are 10 questions to get you started!

  1. What is my risk for getting gynecologic cancer?
  2. When should i have my next pap test?
  3. What do my pap test results mean?
  4. Is the hpv test right for me? Should i get the vaccine?
  5. When can I stop getting the pap test?
  6. Are there any other tests that I need based on my health and family history?
  7. I have noticed symptoms that are not normal. Are these caused by a gynecological cancer?
  8. What should i do next?
  9. Do you have any materials I can read to become better informed?
  10. Are there any changes you would recommend to help me lower my chances of developing a gynecological cancer?

Lucille Roberts Staff

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