We Try It You Win It: The DanceSocks!

the dance socks!

We’ve all been that girl. You know the girl in Zumba class who almost fell over because her sneakers got stuck. This happened for two reasons. 1) You were probably wearing running sneakers in dance class (this is a MAJOR no. If you’re not going to wear dance shoes, please please please wear cross trainers to prevent injury) and 2) you didn’t have The DanceSocks!

The DanceSocks! are just that. Socks you place over your sneakers to help you slide across the floor with ease. It’s pretty easy: pull The DanceSocks! over the front of your shoe. Cover more sole to increase glide. For more grip pull The DanceSocks! further onto your sneaker exposing more toe or fold it up. You can check out the video below for more information and also check them out on the web, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The DanceSocks! retails for $10 (two pairs in either black or pink) but of course Lucille Roberts has got you covered. Four lucky winners will each win a pair to try out. (Just make sure you try them out before class so you can make any necessary adjustments before getting your Zumba on.)

Enter our contest below and good luck!

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Lucille Roberts Staff


    • We’re sorry to hear that Christine. We hope you win too! Did you do all of the steps. More steps = more entries.

  1. Hi, is there a dance sock that you know of for our instructors who are dancing on the rug covered podium. Elayne, Forest hills club manager.

    • Hi Elayne,

      Not yet. This is the first we’ve heard of Dance Socks, but we’ll keep you posted.

  2. I would really put use to those socks if I had them, much as I love Zumba!!

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