Stay Fit and Fashionable With These Affordable Gym Looks

Fit Fashionable Affordable

There is nothing like a new sports bra or workout pants to get you more excited about getting your workout in. Below are few suggested fashionable and affordable looks that you can rock next time you heading to the gym.

Boohoo Heidi V Neck Airtex Baseball Tee: This tee is a perfect for adding a playful element to your workout style.   It’s also a great way to modestly show off your midsection without being too revealing. The top comes in black or white and can easily be transitioned into fall for a fun outdoor sports look, softball anyone?

Colorful Hoodies: For the mornings that are a little cooler than usual add a pop of color with a cover up hoodie.

Motivational Tee’s: Keep yourself motivated and motivate others with motivational tee’s like the one’s offered at Gym Motivation Tees or Skreened. Your look will make you smile and help you stay committed to your workout at the same time.

Comfortable Joggers: Heading to hot yoga or aqua aerobics?  These joggers are perfect to throw on over your shorts or swimsuit for a sporty cover up

Keep it fit and fashionable!


Nadia Murdock is nationally recognized fitness coach, published author and regular on-air fitness expert. She is living proof that her “train your mind, change your body” method works.  After changing her own life via her own weight loss journey to a healthier lifestyle she became dedicated to sharing that power with others through her company Nadia Murdock Fit. Nadia has a B.A. in Psychology and taps into the strength and power of the mind when advising others in achieving their fitness goals. She also enjoys all forms of fitness from Kickboxing to Zumba and never goes a day without breaking a sweat.

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