Before & After Story: Aimee S.

Aimee Saltzman Success Story

Find out how our Clifton gym member, Aimee Saltzman slimmed down by dedicating herself to a fit and healthy lifestyle!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Where you’re from, your favorite hobbies,)

My name is Aimee and I am 33 yr old woman. I grew up in Clifton,NJ and now reside in Pompton Lakes, NJ. My hobbies include, most importantly working out, sporting events, concerts,  traveling,and movies which I enjoy doing with my husband.

2. What is the #1 reason you joined Lucille Roberts?

The #1 reason I joined Lucille Roberts was to become a healthier person overall.

 3. What are some personal fitness goals you have and what are you doing to achieve them?

Some of my personal fitness goals would be: (1) to lose weight (which I have done since I joined LR) (2) become more lean and toned (which has also happened and is still happening thanks to joining LR) (3) become an overall stronger person (also something that has happened and is going to continue to happen) (4) make exercise a regular part of my life! :)

Success Story 1 (2)4. What things have contributed the most towards your weight loss?

The things that have contributed most to my weight loss are: (1) changing my eating habits and not by dieting but by changing my lifestyle so that the things I change will stay with me and I won’t continually feel like I am dieting (2) dedication, hard work, and commitment to making my fitness goals a priority and of course joining LR!! (best decision I have ever made!)

5. What advice do you have for women who are trying to lose weight and meet their fitness goals?

The advice I would give other women who are trying to lose weight and meet their fitness goals is never give up! You can’t expect results overnight…healthy results and long lasting results take time, dedication, hard work, and commitment. Also eating habits need to go along with an exercise routine because you can work out everyday but if you are still eating unhealthy the results won’t happen! Although my fitness goals are still a work in progress I follow my own advice on a daily basis and I can’t wait to see how my results continue. Thank you LR for helping and continuing to help me become an overall healthier and happier woman!! #LRlifestyleforlife

Catherine Mendez

Catherine Mendez is the Editorial Assistant at Lucille Roberts. With a B.A. in Journalism from Quinnipiac University, writing is her calling. A born New York City gal, Catherine is a social media lover and runner (when it’s warm out). A magazine hoarder, hopeFUL romantic, and avid list maker, she is looking to polish up her yoga skills. Catherine never parts with her iPhone so follow her: @cathjmendez

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