Fashion Tip: Look 10 lb. Thinner with Color Blocking

Want to look 10 lb. thinner in a matter of minutes?

Recently, I was speaking to one of my gym members, Valerie, about a dress for an event. She had already lost over 25 lb. over the course of a few months with classes and Live Rite shakes. She looks amazing! Since she still has a few more pounds to go, we were devising a plan for her to look even thinner for the event, and I suggested color blocking.

Color blocking is the hot new fashion trend hitting the streets all over! This trend gives the optical illusion that you look thinner and more shapely than you actually are. (Anything that makes me look thinner and more shapely–I am on it!) I told Valerie to check out the department stores because right now they are flooded with color blocking of all sorts. For an example of color blocking, check out the black and white dress Kate Winslet wore on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival.

Valerie took my advice–and then went to take a Balance Butt Blast class, too! Remember that we can use fashion tricks like color blocking to appear thinner, but actually working off the weight is the reward that keeps on giving.

Fashion tip by Diana Ramone, Manager at Lucille Roberts Commack.

Lucille Roberts Staff

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