Filter Your Workout Water with a bobble

Bobble filters come in all different colors!

You already know that hydrating your body before, during, and after your workout is a must. But buying a new bottle of fresh, filtered spring water for every workout can add up, especially if you’re exercising every day. To save money (not to mention the environment), you may opt to reuse your water bottle, filling it up at the gym’s water fountain. While this isn’t a terrible solution, you might be left with the nagging thought that even the cleanest tap water can contain organic contaminants like chlorine that your body is better off without.

That’s where bobble comes in! Bobbles are reusable water bottles that come with carbon filters that remove contaminants from tap water as you squeeze it through the top of the bottle!

We asked the folks at bobble if we could try out their product, and they kindly sent us one. And we love it!

The bobble is easy to use. The first time you fill it up with water, you need to screw on the cap (which holds the filter in place) and squeeze the water out without drinking it to flush out the filter. The water appears dark at first because it contains carbon dust from the filter, but within seconds the water becomes clear. After this initial, one-time flush, you can fill the bobble with water again and drink from it. The filter is good for 300 refills, or about two months, at which time you should replace it.

Bobbles are very affordable, ranging from $8.99 for the mini size to $12.99 for the large. Filter replacements cost $6.99. There’s also a jug size bobble for $29.99; the jug filter replacement is $9.99. The company offers free shipping on domestic orders of $20 or more. (You can order online.)

The bobble is made of recycled PET and is itself recyclable (but we can’t imagine why anyone would want to get rid of it!). So not only are you protecting your body; you’re protecting the environment!

It’s important to note that, while the bobble removes organic water contaminants, it does not filter fluoride, and it shouldn’t be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality (meaning, don’t use it to filter water from the Hudson River).

We highly recommend trying out a bobble–especially at the gym!

Lucille Roberts Staff

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