The Power of Garlic, And We Don’t Mean the Scent

The benefits of garlic

Garlic is a powerful herb. It can transform a meal and it can also improve our health and well being. The magic in garlic stems from the active ingredient allicin. According to Dr.Oz, when garlic is chopped, chewed or bruised the chemical allicin is released and acts as an antibiotic that helps fight germs in our body.

Research also shows that garlic is proven to reduce high blood pressure and is used for treating fungal infections. For runners reading this, rub garlic directly on your feet, it will prevent or cure athlete’s feet!

Another power of garlic is treating those pesky pimples.  Studies show that garlic contains antioxidants that also kill bacteria, especially those that cause bad skin. Try rubbing a clove of raw garlic onto a pimple for a natural beauty remedy.

Unfortunately cooking garlic reduces the beneficial effects of allicin, which means eating it raw is the best way to go.

Recipes with Raw Garlic:

  • Garlic Toast: After toasting whole grain bread with cheese, crush ½ teaspoon or 1 or 2 cloves of garlic on top.
  • Sautéed Spinach and Mushroom: After sautéing spinach and mushroom, set aside to let cool, then crush garlic on top to garnish or mix into dish.
  • Salad Dressing: Crush garlic and stir into favorite salad dressing, the vinegar used in dressing will help break it down.

Alyssa Holder