Are you Preparing Tea Correctly?


Known for its benefits and taste, tea is rich in compound called tea flavonoids. Tea flavonoids possess antioxidant properties which are said to be key protective dietary components, reducing risk of coronary heart disease and some cancers.

In a study conducted by the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, the antioxidant potential in green and black tea were assessed to determine how we should prepare these drinks in order to receive their greatest benefits.

Here is what the study revealed:

The maximum antioxidant capacity from drinking green tea is achieved when prepared at high temperatures and long infusion times, therefore green tea antioxidants were not affected when steeped for a long period of time.

Whereas black teas antioxidant potential is greatest when prepared from leaves rather than tea bags and infusion times are shorter ( 1-2 min). Additionally black tea antioxidant potential is stronger when prepared without milk, but if skimmed milk or reduced fat milk is combined with tea the antioxidants potential is stronger.

References: Langley-Evans, Simon. “Antioxidant Potential of Green and Black Tea Determined using the Ferric Reducing Power (FRAP) Assay.” International journal of food sciences and nutrition 51.3 (2000): 181-8.

Alyssa Holder