Meet Miss January Dana F. She’ll Tell You How She Lost 55lbs!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I grew up in Monmouth County NJ and I loved to dance as a child. I followed my dreams of dancing professionally and became and NFL cheerleader.

2. How did you end up becoming a district manager at Lucille Roberts?
I was working for the company a short period of time, less then a year. At the time I was managing our club in West Long Branch. Lucille had an opening for a district manager in South/Central Jersey. She liked what she had seen of my work as a manager and asked me come to the city to interview for the position. From there I got the job.

3. Tell us when you decided to lose weight and how you lost 55lbs?
I am an emotional eater like so many women, plus I never had a problem with my weight and was always able to eat what I wanted and not gain anything. As I got older and went through some tough personal times I turned to food. I didn’t realized how much weight I was gaining. Then I saw a picture of myself and thought who is this girl????? I needed to get back on track with my eating and fitness.

I started watching what I ate, specifically following the Lucille Roberts diet plan and taking the Live Rite shakes. I loved the many varieties of shakes I could make, so I never got bored. I also starting taking classes before or after my shift at work. For me, classes are the most fun way to get a workout in and keep me motivated. I especially enjoy the FIT Bootcamp and Chickboxing classes. Being in the fitness industry for many years I knew I had to challenge myself and mix up my workouts. So even though I don’t enjoy cardio equipment such as the elliptical and treadmill I knew I had to do it. So I made myself a great playlist on my iPod and starting running. Having great music that I enjoyed listening too made it easier. Being determined to get back to my previous shape was a huge motivator.

4. What do you think is the best thing about Lucille Roberts?
The best thing about Lucille Roberts is our classes. They are so much fun, you laugh, smile and just have a great time while working out! You make great friends at the gym and everyone motivates each other!

5. What advice do you have for women who are trying to lose weight and meet their fitness goals?
Don’t give up!!! You may not notice the small changes at first then all of a sudden a few weeks later you go to try on a pair jeans and they FIT! So stick with it! And you must vary your workouts! Change it up, take all different types of classes, not just your favorites, lifts weights and mix it up!

Lucille Roberts Staff

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