Meet Miss December: Deniece S. She’ll help you lose the weight and keep it off!



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1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I have been working at Lucille Roberts since August 2009 and I absolutely LOVE what I do! I am married to a supportive husband whom I have been with for 18yrs, and together we have 3 amazing children–2 boys ages 9 and 5, and a daughter age 4. I also have 2 wonderful stepdaughters ages 24 and 26 whom I love dearly. I have lived in the Bronx my entire life, born and bred. But it was when I joined the Army Reserves in 1997 as a 54 Bravo (Chemical Specialist), where I got the opportunity to travel many places and learn many skills that are useful to me to this day. My hobbies include dancing, reading, learning new choreography for my Zumba classes, and spending as much time with my family and friends as possible.

2. How did you end up being a manager at Lucille Roberts?
It was probably happenstance. I was a loyal member of Lucille Roberts as far back as 2006. I got laid off from my previous job at an office in February of 2009. Since I always felt drawn to fitness,, I went to the 3rd Avenue location where I routinely worked out at, and submitted my resume with Manager Damasa, whom I now have the great opportunity and privilege to be constantly learning from. I started at the St. Nicholas location for a few months, then got transferred as a trainee (training to become assistant manager) to the Harlem location. After a few weeks there, I was transferred as an Assistant Manager to the 3rd Avenue location, where I currently work.

3. What are some personal fitness goals you have and how does being an instructor help you achieve them?
Some personal fitness goals I have are to one day participate in a women’s fitness competition. I know the training is quite vigorous and challenging, but it goes with the territory in the fitness industry. I intend to participate in one before I turn 40 (I won”t volunteer my age, lol!) I think if I can motivate other women to be as healthy as they can be, then that to me is an outstanding acheivement as well. Being able to reach out to women, and make even the smallest difference in their life is another goal of mine, For 2013, my goal will be to train hard and maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself, my job and my family.

4. What is the best thing about Lucille Roberts?
The best thing about Lucille Roberts is the passion we all possess in helping women achieve their own personal fitness goals. Whether it be to lose weight, maintain, tone, or even have that “me” time at the gym and release stress, these ladies have a safe haven, a place where they can be themselves and feel comfortable enough to work out, and speak to us about anything and everything, like a second home. You won’t find that at other gyms. Needless to say, we have the BEST classes and instructors, personal trainers, managers and staff overall, which is hard to beat. Our environment focuses on exuding fun and positivity –we do whatever is possible to keep our members happy, with a genuine and humble approach.

5. What advice do you have for women who are trying to lose weight and meet their fitness goals?
Having battled obesity as a child, then battling it once again after having my first child being 85 lbs overweight ( I weighed 215 lbs after the birth of my child), I had a very difficult time, emotionally and physically, trying to get fit mind AND body. All I can say is that ladies, you CANNOT EVER give up on yourselves! Stay positive even when it seems that the odds are all against you. It was a challenge for me to lose that weight but I was able to take off 85 percent of that weight in a year, with self-motivation and dedication. With that being said, just have faith in yourself, that no matter what you CAN and WILL reach your goals! For some it may take days, weeks, or months– whatever the wait, just keep at it! Things get better when you change your perspective on things. Nobody ever said it would be easy, but trust me, it will be WORTH IT! Strong mind=strong body!

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Brittany Hennessy

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