3 Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Women New Year's ResolutionEvery New Year we vow to change our lifestyles for the better and every year it seems to get even harder to keep those promises. From declaring you’ll eat better or work- out more often, to giving up caffeine and sweets, your goals for the New Year need to be carefully thought out for you to succeed. Check out these three tips to achieve meaningful and attainable New Year’s resolutions:

1. Be Specific

Rather than setting large, likely unattainable goals, try opting for a more specific resolution that is sure to be achieved. We all want to eat healthier and give up unhealthy habits, but giving yourself a deadline or precise details of your plan will help you accomplish your goals. The more details or parameters you have, the easier it will be!

2. Team Up

Whether you and a friend decide to team up to set a com- bined goal or if you simply choose to tell your family and friends about your pledge, you’ll always have someone to encourage you. They can help by not leaving junk food around the house or insisting you get your butt to the gym. Support and positivity can go a long way.

3. Write It Down

Jotting your resolution down—say on post-it note on your computer, mirror, or car dash- board—will make it feel official. By making sure your goal is visible, it will be frequently on your mind and you’ll be less likely to break it. Try to keep the wording short, concise, and to the point for more motivation.

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Catherine Mendez

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