10 Great Songs To Rev Up Your Workout!

woman with headphones on elliptical


What would we do without music? Well for starters, cardio would be a nightmare for some of us.  With so much music out there, where to start? Well I’m going to share some of my favorites with you. Feel free to add yours in the comments. The more music, the better! We’ve also got some great songs for interval training and mixes for any workout!

  1. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two 
  2. Calvin Harris – Girls
  3. Florida – I Cry
  4. Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound
  5. Maroon 5 – One More Night
  6. Psy – Gangnam Style
  7. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
  8. Daft Punk – Technologic
  9. Outkast – Hey Ya
  10. Limp Bizkit – Nookie

Brittany Hennessy

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