Your Complete New Year’s Eve Party Look

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With December drawing to a close, everyone is now in preparation for the last event of the holiday season: New Year’s Eve! Ringing in the new year is always associated with parties, dressing up, and lots of glitz and glam.

If you need some inspiration on how to complete your New Year’s Eve party look, don’t worry! Follow this guide for a glam makeup look, a chic hairstyle tutorial, and some ideas for that perfect party dress. You’ll end 2012, and ring in 2013 with a look that’s sure to get a midnight kiss!

Step 1:  Makeup

For a simple, yet glamorous look, try a winged eyeliner look this New Year’s Eve. This makeup style looks great on every eye shape, and gives off that “old hollywood” vibe that works great with a bold colored lip.

It can be tricky to work with liquid eyeliner, but with this tutorial from and a little practice, you’ll be a pro at applying a winged eye look.

 If this is still a little difficult to master, use some tape to accomplish the same look:

1. Apply tape to the corner of your eye, aligning it from the corner of your eye to your brow.

2. Apply eyeliner to the edge of your top lid, and out to the corner against the tape to create the “wing”. Feel free to apply the liner onto the tape (it’s coming off anyway!).

3. Peel away the tape to reveal a perfect winged eye look!

**Top off your makeup look with a bold lip color and gloss to look ultra-chic!**


Step 2: Hair

Lately it seems that everyone is rocking the Sock Bun. This hairstyle, which indeed uses a sock, is perfect for keeping hair tame and out of your face–while looking super-chic! All you’ll need is a pair of socks to create this glam updo.

First you’ll need to create the “sock” part of your sock bun:

1-2. Go through your drawers and find an old pair of socks. If you have thicker or longer hair, maybe you’ll want to use a pair of men’s socks since they tend to be bulkier and thicker than women’s socks.

3. Begin by rolling down the top portion of the sock as tight as possible.

4. Continue tightly rolling down past the foot portion of the sock.

5. When you’ve finished rolling down the sock completely, cut the toe part off.

6. Congrats! You have now created the necessary tool for a perfect sock bun!

New Year's Eve Party Look, sock bun

Now for the fun part, styling your bun!

1. Tie your hair back into a tight ponytail. The placement of the ponytail/bun is all up to you!

2. Take your newly repurposed sock and put it at the end of your hair, pulling the strands through the hole in the center.

3. Then, starting in the front, smooth you hair over the sock doughnut, tucking the ends of your hair underneath it. Try to disperse the hair evenly around the doughnut.

4. Slowly, roll the sock down your ponytail, tucking in your hair around the sock as you roll.

5. When you get to the base of your ponytail, secure the bun with bobby pins and tuck in any loose strands. You’re done!


Step 3: The Dress

Okay, so you probably have a dress already picked out for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. But if you haven’t, here’s some inspiration for the perfect little number to wear at the start of 2013. Nothing says “New Year’s Eve” like jewel tones, lace, glitter, and sequins. Or perhaps go with Pantone’s 2013 color of the year: Emerald!

New Year's Eve party look, dress

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