5 Questions With Lindsay Luv: Curator of Lucille Roberts Radio!

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This is the first monthly chat with DJ Lindsay Luv, curator of Lucille Roberts Radio and our friend in fitness. Check out our interview with her and let us know what you’d like us to ask her for next month’s chat!

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Lounge 11. Who is your celebrity fitspiration?

My friend and Spice Girl/X Factor Host Mel B! Mel is the true definition of ‘Girl Power’: Brains, beauty and brawn! Mel has not only made a name for herself as a performer and a host, but as a fitness role-model for women of all ages.

Her killer abs and hard work in the gym has launched video games like “Get Fit with Mel B” on Playstation, a DVD series entitled “Totally Fit: Mel B”, a recent campaign with Jenny Craig post baby, a stint on Dancing with the Stars and much more. Not to mention she has managed to keep her incredible physique after having 3 adorable kids!!

Mel has tapped me to create custom mixes for her workouts and loves my upbeat mashup mixes to keep her going on her treadmill runs and nature hikes! Mel is a fitspiration to all women because she sets healthy, attainable and reasonable goals and works hard to achieve them while juggling a busy schedule and a family!

2. Name 5 songs every girl should have on their playlist for a great workout?

  1. Rihanna: Where Have You Been
  2. Swedish House Mafia: Don’t You Worry Child
  3. Lykke Li: Get Some
  4. Madonna: Jump
  5. David Guetta: Turn Me On (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

3. When you’re craving fast food, what’s your go-to healthy meal?

If you are in a rush and need to grab a quick bite at a fast food chain, I always count on the Subway Veggie Delight 6-inch sub! I pick the whole grain bread, have them scoop some of the insides out, toast it, then have them stuff it with all the fresh veggies and some avocado, a spritz of red wine vinegar, EVOO and hot sauce and you are good to go!!! Healthy, low cal and cheap! Also, I don’t eat meat but I hear Carl’s junior turkey burger protein style and sans mayonnaise is quite good! If I am dying for the taste of fast food at home I will make my own veggie burgers with all the healthy fixins, a dairy-free wasabi coleslaw and baked sweet potato fries!

4. Beauty products you can’t live without:

Olay Classic Day and Night Creams, Murad Refreshing Face Wash, Fresh Citron de Vigne Body Lotion, Tarte’s lipstains, MAC’s matte bronzer, Dermal Nutrients SPF 30 tinted sunblock, and Maybelline’s ‘Lots of Lashes’ Mascara! And lots of SmartWater!

5. What do you do to stay in such amazing shape? Over the shoulder

I love nature and it’s primarily warm and sunny all year in Cali, so to stay motivated and enjoy my workouts I hike about 2-5 miles in the hills 5-6 times a week. I either climb the hills and the stairs on the streets in my Silverlake hood or venture out for a hike in the mountains! I also do yoga at home to help with toning and the lower back pain I get from DJing and work in Boxing and Pilates classes into my schedule about once a week.

Cooking at home is also key because you know everything going into your own food: I buy fresh produce weekly and keep only healthy foods on hand in the house so the only time I can cheat is out to eat on a cheat day! I use herbs and spices to give my food great flavor rather than the bad stuff like butter, salt or too much oil. I will often start the week making batches of Quinoa, harvest grains and such to use in dishes throughout the week so I have good grains ready to go with any meal and stay on track!

I love making Kale smoothies at home too with some amazing cinnamon from the spice market, bananas, almond milk, ice and dates! Stretching, plenty of water, meditation, smiling and a good nights sleep are all simple ways to keep your fitness and attitude in order! And everyone needs to cheat with a cupcake or some delicious pasta here and there so you never feel deprived and to help shock your metabolism!

Stay tuned for 5 questions with Lindsay Luv each month on the Lucille Roberts blog! And check out Lucille Roberts Radio streaming in your local gym!

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