Weight Loss Smoothies: The Perfect Post-Workout Snack

woman workout smoothie1If you’re looking for a healthy post-workout snack that won’t pack on the pounds, our weight loss smoothies are for you!

I’m partial to a sweet and fruity taste, but smoothies aren’t limited to that. Green drinks with health powers are especially popular these days and are still super yummy. These kinds of smoothies are ideal as refresher after a long work week.

Our LiveRite smoothies are made of whey protein, which don’t just stop at fat burning, but offer a multitude of other health benefits. They contain  C and B vitamins which will help you metabolize the calories into energy rather than stored fat and are chock full of essential and nonessential amino acids, which really stoke your fat-burning furnace. LiveRite whey protein has also been proven to strengthen antioxidant defenses, which in turn strengthen the immune system, reducing the risk of premature aging and helping against DNA breakdown.

Kick starting your workout isn’t only about exercise, what you consume is just as important. So try using our smoothie recipes to do just that!

Check out all of our smoothie recipes here!

Lucille Roberts LiveRite weight loss shake mixes are available at all Lucille Roberts gyms for $19.99. 

Catherine Mendez

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