3 Healthy And Delicious No-Cook Meals

3 Healthy No-Cook Meals

Let’s face it, it is hot outside and there is no reason to turn your stove on. Here are 3 healthy, easy to assemble meals for those days when it’s simply too hot to cook.

1. Chickpea Stuffed Avocados: This recipe is a good source of protein chickpeas and healthy fats. Recipe at CoconutandBerries 

2. Blender Gazpacho Soup. This cold soup is perfect for those days when you need to cool off. Recipe at Martha Stewart.

3. Stuffed Pita Pockets: With pitas you can be as creative as you like and stuff them with ingredients like kale, avocado, hummus or quinoa. Check out some great ideas at LoveandLemons.

Bonus: Try one of our smoothies! They are great for breakfast, snacks or as a lunch substitute!



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