Look Good To Train Dirty: 5 Tips To Ramp Up Your Workout!

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It’s 7 am, your alarm clock is incessantly buzzing, signaling it is time to rise and shine and prepare for your day ahead.  You jump off the bed, get in the shower and repeat your daily affirmations, “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!” After your mental preparation, you decide “Okay I am ready to sweat sweat sweat.” You go into your drawer  grab your frumpy t-shirt and shorts because you figure “it is going to get sweaty regardless.”

Unaware that your  enthusiasm to exercise is decreasing,  looking into the mirror you see thunder thighs and suddenly you have grown a muffin top. You repeat again ” I am strong, I am invincible  I am woman.” But this time the motivation and confidence to go workout  is lacking. You realize your frumpy outfit is the source of your declining motivation and self-confidence.

Although at first thought choosing “nice” clothing doesn’t make sense, the reality is when you wear clothing that compliments and flatters your body, you will receive  the confidence and the motivation needed to do a kick butt in your exercise routine! Here are 5 tips!

1. Wear Clothing with Natural Fibers.

This will help you feel less gross because the natural fabrics will help absorb moisture and breathes much better than man-made fabrics like polyester.

2. Wear fitted Sports bras under T shirts.

Do not wear a tank top with a built in bra when doing intense workouts. When you jump up, your breasts must come down. If they don’t have proper support, when gravity kicks in your skin will stretch and you’ll be left with marks and droopy boobs!

3. Wear fitted shorts/ Capris.

Fitted materials like spandex will help keep everything together and improve circulation. Plus wearing loose pants can be bothersome when exercising and the excess fabric can cause chaffing. If you’re looking for cute and inexpensive workout clothes, we’ve got a great list for you!

4. Wear athletic shoes with full support. 

Wearing the proper shoes is so important. We know you want to be cute, but there is nothing sexy about a broken ankle and that’s exactly what happens when you wear running shoes to your classes. Check out our post on buying the right workout sneakers and even more exercise sneaker tips from Dr. Emily.

5. Wear cotton underwear.

We spend so much time focusing on our gym clothes that we forget the most important thing: cotton underwear. Lace and all these other fancy fabrics don’t let your lady parts breathe, so they can literally be suffocating while you’re exercising. Cotton is great because it absorbs sweat, but also make sure to change your underwear after an intense workout. Traveling home from the gym in wet underwear is the same as traveling home from the beach in a wet bathing suit. Both no-nos unless you want a call from Ms. Yeast Infection!

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What we’ve got here:

  • Shorts – Under Modells Under Armor Ultra 7 Compression shorts
  • Capri – Target C9 Capris
  • Legging – Nike Dri Fit Slim Legging 2.0
  • Red Tank – Gapfit Motion Racertank
  • Grey Sports Bra – Victoria Secret VSX Supremodel Raceback
  • Black T shirt – Nike
  • Purple T Shirt – Victoria Secret Pink
  • Yellow Sports Bra – Target Women’s C9 seamless bra
  • Multi colored Sneakers – 6pm.com Asics Gel -Noosa Tri
  • Purple and Black Sneakers – Nike Free TR3 Print
  • Pink and Black – Reebok Crossfit Nano 2.0





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