Fitbit Issues Voluntary Recall For Fitbit Force

fitbit force

Fitbit products were all the rage for fitness buffs this past year, but last week the fitness tracking company issued a recall on its popular Fitbit Force product.

A more advanced version of the Fitbit Flex with an added display feature, the Force wrist-borne activity tracker was a popular item according to most estimates selling out after its launch late last year.

Many users began complaining about the device after experiencing skin rash issues from wearing the band. Before the recall decision, the company offered to replace devices with other trackers, or refund the money of those affected. 

fitbit force1

Tests have been performed by Fitbit noting that any battery or electrical issues can be blamed for the reactions. “Some users,” Fitbit states, “may be reacting to the nickel present in the surgical grade stainless steel used in the device.” Though James Park, Fitbit cofounder and CEO, notes that only 1.7 percent of Force users have reported any physical reactions to wearing the device, the company has stopped selling the Force.

Fitbit has created a web page to process all refunds and offers a customer hotline: 888-656-6381. Once customers have returned the Fitbit Force return kit, a reimbursement check for the $130 cost of the tracker will be sent in two to six weeks.

Have you noticed any signs of irritation while using your Fitbit Force? If not, do you plan on still using or returning it?


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