Comfort And Support: Best Sports Bras For Your Body!

woman in sports braWhether you’re a AA or a DD, finding the right sports bra is essential for having a good workout. It definitely feels better to have support for your breasts when exercising, no matter how big or small you may be.

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There are a bunch of different sizes and styles on the market today so finding the right one for you may seem far-fetched, especially if you have larger breasts. Fret no more! Let us guide you to finding the perfect bra for your body:

Compression for A-B cup

The best type of bra for the smaller cup sizes is that of high compression. These kind generally are the ones that you pull over your head that flatten your chest for a good solid hold. If you want a little more size and shape, there are compression bras that come with built in cups and padding as well. Try the Moving Comfort Alexis Bra or the Nike High Impact Shape Wire-Free Sports Bra

great sports bras 1Encapsulation for C-DD cup

If you have a bit of a larger bust size, you may want to try wearing an encapsulation bra. These types of bras eliminate bounce which is great for these cup sizes. Your breasts will both get attention with support from individual cups. Try the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer ii or for maximum bounce control try the CW-X Firm Support Bra.

Compression & Encapsulation for larger than DDD cupgreat sports bras 3

For the ladies who are bigger than a DD, you will need to find a bra with both compression and encapsulation. This will guarantee extra support. With this kind of bra, you will get continuous support with both breasts getting enough attention to stay in place throughout your workout. Find a bra with thick straps as well! Try the Enell Sports Bra or the Moving Comfort Maia Bra

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