Your Guide To The Perfect Fall Coat For Your Shape

Fall Coats for your shape

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We are well into the Fall season, and with the weather getting colder by the day, a good coat is essential for topping off your look and keeping you warm. With the wide variety of different styles, cuts, and colors available, it can be difficult to find a coat or jacket that flatters your shape. Whether you’re an hourglass, petite, busty, or pear shape, we’ve got you covered (pun intended). Use this guide to find the perfect coat that will have you looking fabulous all season long!

Fall Coats for Your Shape, Hourglass

You have an Hourglass shape if:

  • Your bust and hips are nearly the same size
  • Small waist
  • Full bust & shapely legs

For an hourglass shape, you want to accentuate your well-defined waist. Choose coats jackets that cinch in at the waist, belted coats look especially great on your body shape. Fitted and tailored coats work best with your shape as well, just try to avoid having a straight line from bust to hips as this will make you look boxy.

Fall Coats for Your Shape, Apple

You have an Apple shape if:

  • Large bust
  • Broad shoulders
  • Less defined waist
  • Narrow hips

With an apple shape, your focus is to slim your midsection and draw the eye upward. Coats with accents near the shoulders and collar will draw attention up and away from your tummy. A deep V-neckline looks amazing on your body shape. Look for jackets that belt or nip at the waist to create the illusion of a smaller waistline, or styles that cinch in just below the bust. As far as length, coats should fall just below the waist or mid-thigh, never at the widest part of your hips.

Fall Coats for Your Shape, Petite

You have a Petite shape if:

  • Height is 5’3″ or shorter
  • Your body is well proportioned
  • Generally slim

For a petite body shape, elongating your frame is the goal.  Coats with minimal details and simple lines will  make your figure look long and lean. The length of your jacket should be over your thighs, but not past the knees. Avoid super long coats, bulky styles, or volume-adding details that will overwhelm your tiny frame.

Fall Coats for Your Shape, Pear


You have a Pear shape if:

  • Narrow shoulders
  • Wider hips and thighs
  • Small bust

For pear shapes, aim to accentuate your upper body to balance out your bottom half. Draw the eye up toward your chest and shoulders with coats that have shoulder pads or collar details. Cuts that define your small waist look great on your figure, and A-line styles work best as well. The length of your coat should fall just below the hipbone or past the thickest part of your thighs. Stay away from cropped styles as they will bring attention to your bottom half and make you look boxy.

Fall Coats for Your Shape, Busty

You have a Busty shape if:

  • Cup is a “C” or above
  • Lower body is petite to normal size in comparison to upper body
  • Usually has a shorter waist

With a busty shape, focus on minimizing your top half and drawing attention downward. Look for belted coats, A-line shapes, or styles with extra flounce on the bottom to balance out your upper body. Avoid any styles with added details on the shoulders or collars that may accentuate your already large bust. Bold and big, printed patterns should also be avoided. Coats that hit around knee-length look best on you.

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