6 Places To Find Affordable And Cute Workout Clothes!

where can i find cheap affordable workout clothes

Everyone woman wants to feel sexy even when she is working out. Just because there are no guys around to impress, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best at the gym. Workout clothes that fit will showcase your body and not just the parts you’re working on, but the parts that look great. Even if you’re working on your entire body, find a feature you like and play it up. Even if it’s just your feet!

When you’re on a date or in an important business meeting you step up your outfit because it gives you confidence and elevates your mood. If you do it for others, why don’t you do it for yourself?! Being trendy and sexy when you exercise is inspirational, motivational, and colorful!  If you’ve ever taken Zumba, you know what I mean!

Workout clothes can be really expensive, especially if you keep losing weight, but they don’t have to be. Check out our list of 6 great places to find affordable and cute workout clothes!

1. Forever 21

Known for promoting a youthful appearance, Forever 21 has a great active wear line for all ages: neon sports bras, layering tanks, athletic skirts and yoga pants starting at $7 for the skimpy tops and $11 for the pants. They might not last forever, but you can still wear them for a decent period of time – just enough for getting that chic, colorful look. Here you can buy a pair of $19 color-blocking waist pants for a slimmer appearance – as you know color-blocking clothes can magically trick the eyes, making you look up to 10lbs skinnier. If you want to wear a fetching sports bra, go with wild colors such as pink or blue animal print racer back bras for $13.80.

2. Old Navy

At Old Navy you can find a diversified active wear line that ranges from sports bras, tees, bottoms to performance stretch pants and hoodies. High-quality fabrics are the essence of this popular brand- all garments are soft, mostly made of cotton with a little bit of spandex, and designed for peak performance. Colorful tanks starts from $8-9 or if you want to go with a more sophisticated design, like graphic cross-back tanks or bubble tanks, there are great offers from $13 to $17. Their leggings, capris and tops provide maximum comfort because are made of compression fit and moisture-wicking materials, which wick away sweat and keep you dry.

3. Target

If you’re looking for high quality clothes in terms of durability, this decent store carries them at the most decent prices. At Target you can buy the C9 by Champion line, a collection known for its high quality fabrics. All athletic shorts, pants and performance tops are very comfortable and roomy – they come in assorted colors and make a flattering fit look at affordable prices: their shorts and tees start from $13. For women with larger cup sizes (C cup or above), C9 by Champion sports bras offer great support and are relatively cheap at $15 or even less when on sale.

4. Daffy’s

These stores are other hot spots to buy high fashion workout clothes at incredibly low prices. Unfortunately, there are rumors that the Daffy’s stores will be closed in fall, so hurry up to catch the last great deals. You can buy Italian sportswear manufacturers such as Meeting and Deha. Deha is an Italian dance wear label specializing in clothing for dance or for those people who love dressing sporty and stylish every day. These funky clothes look just like Zumba active wear, but they are at a much lower cost: pants, hoodies, and tees with glittery prints for around $10-30.

5. and 6. TJ Maxx/Marshall’s

Here a savvy shopper knows how to explore every clearance aisle with popular active wear labels such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok or Under Armour. You need patience to look through the wide selection of clothes: look for sports bras, capris, shorts, jackets and accessories. The good thing is that sizes won’t be an issue – you can easily find M, X and XL.  If you are looking to be a bargain hunter, then TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are just the right places for your needs.

When buying workout clothes, versatility and comfort are two major attributes to take in consideration. With some of the t-shirts, capris or active wear dresses, you can wear them at the gym and head home in them without a costume change. Plus if you run into your ex coming from the gym, not only will you have the “I just worked glow,” you won’t be wearing the dingy t-shirt you got at the company picnic three years ago!


Mihaela Blaga

Mihaela Blaga is a blog contributor at Lucille Roberts. Originally from Romania, she has B.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Philosophy from Spiru Haret University in Bucharest. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and languages–in addition to Romanian she speaks Italian and Spanish. Before joining the editorial department, Mihaela worked at Lucille Roberts 42nd St.


  1. Another great–affordable place–for workout gear is NY and Co. They have a great assortment of fun printed yoga pants–in all leg shapes and sizes–and matching jackets!!!

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