Work Out with a Friend for Better Results!

We humans are social creatures, and applying this fact to your workout routine may help you get better results. The reason? When you have a “workout date” planned with a friend, a personal trainer, or a small group, you’re more likely to keep the commitment to go to the gym.

Working out with others also adds an element of fun to your exercise. Whether you’re jogging on the treadmill next to your best friend or playing team sports, you have an opportunity to socialize while working out, and, as a result, the time becomes more enjoyable.

Friends can help keep each other motivated and accountable to a regular workout schedule. You can push each other to go the extra mile–literally! This is one of the benefits of the Small Group Training (SGT) sessions at Lucille Roberts. Not only do you get a group rate for the training, you make friends who can become your future workout buddies!

So, if you’re feeling burned out, plan to meet a friend at the gym. Make it a standing appointment for both of you, if your schedules allow. Don’t know anyone at your gym? Take an SGT class, or bring one of your non-member friends with this guest pass!

Or, if you’re looking for a workout buddy, leave a comment below–be sure to include which gym you go to. There may be someone else at your gym who wants to work out with you!

Lucille Roberts Staff


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