Trainer Tip: Outdoor Workout for Beautiful Weather

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Lately we’ve seen some absolutely beautiful days! More people are outside enjoying the sun and the comfortable weather by going to cafes, taking long walks, and jogging. On my off days from the gym, I take advantage of the nice weather and do my workout in a local park by my house. There is a nice view of a huge pond with fountains right in the middle of park. This is the location where I exercise.

This is my easy-to-follow workout routine:

1. Warm-Up Walk and Stretch For a basic warm-up, I walk around the pond one time, which is about 1.25 miles. I then stretch against a wall or a bench for about 5-7 minutes.

2. Power Walk or Jog The second part of my workout is jogging around the pond for a 2-5 laps. You can modify this to a power walk or take it at your own pace. If a walk/run works better for you, then try that option.

3. Toning The third part of my workout is a quick toning session using a bench. There are many exercises you can do on a bench: leg lifts, tricep dips, crunches or sit-ups, step-ups, push-ups, squats, etc. Do at least 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions of as many exercises as you can.

4. Final Lap The last part of my workout is the one lap around the entire park, which is almost 2 ½ miles. At this point, you can relax and release every little bit of stress of the day.

Ladies, let’s enjoy our outdoor workouts while the weather permits. It’s a change to your daily routine and a breath of fresh air!

Trainer Tip by Gisela Andalia, group fitness instructor and personal trainer at Lucille Roberts Jersey City.

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