The Best BOSU Workouts!

best bosu workouts

With so many workouts to try, BOSU’s are extremely versatile. This tool targets the entire body while keeping workouts fresh and new. Below are five workouts that will make you fall in love with the BOSU:

forearm bosu plank

BOSU Forearm Plank: With the BOSU placed directly in front of you place your forearms on the top of the BOSU (center of the dome) and get into plank position. Keep your shoulders over your elbows while keeping your butt down, your body should be in a straight alignment from head to heels.  Hold this position for one minute.

oblique bosu crunch

Oblique Crunch on the BOSU: Have the BOSU facing round side up; place your hip on the lower portion of the BOSU close to the base.  Keep your knee down on the floor; your body should be on top so that it curves on the ball. Keeping the lower leg bent and top leg extended bring your rib cage to hip with both hands behind your head.  To modify this move keep your forearm on the opposite side of the BOSU on the ground and only keep one hand behind the head as you come up.  Perform this exercise for 3 sets of 15 reps on each side and work your way up.

Two handed Push Ups on the BOSU: With the BOSU in front of you (round side facing down) grip the sides of the ball and perform a traditional push up. Make sure to maintain your body in a straight line while keeping your core engaged.  Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

BOSU Bicep Curl: You will need 5-8lb dumbbells for this exercise; you can go heavier depending on your strength level. With your feet placed in the center of the dome perform slow and controlled bicep curls. For an extra challenge you can move your feet slightly to one side of the BOSU, perform bicep curls while extending your leg to side. Replicate this on each side.  Do 20-25 reps.

BOSU Squats: While standing on top of the BOSU in the center of the dome, slowly lower your body into squat position while keeping your arms extended straight out in front of you. Perform as many of these as you can and work your way up.



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