Make Your Week’s Workout Plan Now!

Make Your Week's Workout Plan Now!

Barbara says…

It’s Sunday evening, and I want you to get out your calendar right now and plan which days this week you’re going to work out. If you use a calendar on your computer or on your phone, take a look at it now. Which classes are you going to? What time? Write them all down on the days you’re planning to hit the gym.

Then, email your plan to a friend. (If your friend works out, that’s ideal because then she can do this, too. But if not, just choose someone who can keep you accountable.)

This week, each day you’ve planned to go to the gym, you have to tell your friend after you’ve done it. And if you don’t work out…you have to tell your friend!

Can’t think of anyone to send your workout plan to? Send it to us! Leave a comment below telling us what your plan for the week is. Then come back and tell us each time you’ve gone to the gym. We’ll hold you accountable!

Ready? Set! Go!

Barbara Pallante is the Director of Operations at Lucille Roberts.

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