Lose Weight With Chickboxing!

lose weight with chickboxing free class

You’ve tried Kick-boxing, and maybe a little bit of boxing, but how about Chickboxing?

While Zumba continues to be popular, it is making room for a new breed of group f i t n e s s classes. The rise in popularity of crossfit style workouts and bootcamp classes has women interested in tougher, more demanding exercises, that will help them achieve the body they want.

Chickboxing integrates kickboxing techniques for a high energy workout that targets your hips, thighs and butt. By mixing martial arts-style kicks, and western-style boxing punches, Chickboxing is a great way to drastically improve not only how you look, but how you feel. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels, but is
more challenging than your typical kickboxing class.

The benefits of taking a Chickboxing class far exceed burning mega calories. It’s a total body workout that builds stamina, works and tones all major muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, and improves flexibility and coordination. Lose the weight and sculpt your body with this fun and energizing workout!

If you’d like to check out chickboxing or introduce it to a friend, head on over to our Facebook page for a free guest pass!

Barbara Baez

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