Introducing The Da Vinci BodyBoard!

Da Vinci BodyBoardIf you’re looking for a full-body workout to do in less than 30 minutes than this is for you!

The Da Vinci BodyBoard is an “opposing tension system combining a core-based fitness program that engages multiple muscle groups in each exercise and tension bands that provide constant resistance.” What’s the result? A fun and efficient fitness workout unbeatable for core strength and tone.

Watch the demo video:

The Da Vinci BodyBoard is available as in-home system and through classes at select studios taught by certified BodyBoard instructors. Lucille Roberts will be offering the class for members and non-members.

If interested, refer to the information below:

  • Instructor name: John Chung
  • Location: 5th Ave/14th St.
  • 8 sessions for $129.99
  • Mon 4:50pm , 7:50pm
  • Wed 4:50pm, 7:50pm
  • Saturday 10am, 12:30pm
  • Open To NON-Members
  • Contact info: 917 645 6140

One on one sessions will also be available at our 42nd St. and St. Nicholas locations. Please call for prices and availability!

Catherine Mendez

Catherine Mendez is the Editorial Assistant at Lucille Roberts. With a B.A. in Journalism from Quinnipiac University, writing is her calling. A born New York City gal, Catherine is a social media lover and runner (when it’s warm out). A magazine hoarder, hopeFUL romantic, and avid list maker, she is looking to polish up her yoga skills. Catherine never parts with her iPhone so follow her: @cathjmendez

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