How To Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Vs Fashion ShowLast night was a big night for supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Behati Prinsloo, and Candice Swanepoel.  They slipped into their sexiest lingerie and put on their wings for the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. While the perfectly toned Angels strut down the runway, the rest of us will be left wondering, “How did they get SO fit?!” Having good genes certainly plays a big role in the body shape of these women, but they do log in long hours and hard work at the gym to stay runway ready year-round.

In anticipation for the fashion show, Victoria’s Secret released a series of videos on how to “train like an angel.” Taking a few notes from these workout videos, we’ve rounded up the best exercises for your legs, arms, and abs. Incorporate these simple moves into your next workout and you’ll be ready to rock your own runway, angel wings and all!

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How to train like a victoria's secret angel, lunge

Victoria’s Secret Youtube

Forward Lunge

  • Start with feet together and facing forward
  • Step forward with your right foot, landing on your heel, plant your foot firmly on the ground.
  • Not allowing your knees to come forward past your toes, lunge down with your left leg, creating a 90 degree angle with both knees.
  • Return to start by pushing through your right heel and stepping back to standing position.
  • Do 12-15 reps on each leg, 3 sets.
  • *Hold dumbbells in each hand to intensify the move.*
How to train like a victoria's secret angel, lateral lunge

Victoria’s Secret Youtube

Lateral Lunge

  • Start with feet together, and standing upright.
  • Step your left leg out to your left side, planting your left foot firmly on the floor.
  • Squatting down to a 90 degree angle at your left knee.
  • Push off your left leg and return to standing position to complete one rep.
  • Do 12-15 reps on each leg, 3 sets.


How to train like a victoria's secret angel, medicine ball pushup

Victoria’s Secret Youtube

Single-Arm Medicine Ball Pushup

  • Assume a standard pushup position; hands shoulder-width apart, keep a rigid bodyline from head to toe, don’t let your torso sag.
  • Place a medicine ball under your left hand, and lower down into a pushup.
  • Keeping your core engaged throughout the exercise, push back up to start position.
  • Complete your reps on this arm and then switch.
  • Do 12 reps on each arm, 3 sets.
How to train like a victoria's secret angel, Row To chest

Victoria’s Secret Youtube

 Row to Chest

  • Start by assuming the top of a pushup position, legs spread a little wider than hip-width apart, and holding a dumbbell in your right hand.
  • Row the dumbbell up to the side of your chest, maintaining a straight line in your body from head to tow.
  • Lower the dumbbell down to the floor to complete one rep
  • Do 12-15 reps on each arm, 3 sets.


How to train like a victoria's secret angel, russian twist

Victoria’s Secret Youtube

Russian Twists

  • While holding a medicine ball, sit on the floor with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees.
  • Hold the ball straight out in front of you and keep your back straight (your torso should be at about 45 degrees to the floor).
  • Twist your torso as far as you can to the left, and then reverse the motion, twisting as far as you can to the right.  That’s one rep.
  • Do 12-15 reps, 3 sets.
How to train like a victoria's secret angel, PLANK

Victoria’s Secret Youtube

 Around the World Plank

  • Begin by coming to the top of a pushup position, in a straight-armed plank.
  • Keeping your core engaged, your body in a straight line, slowly raise your right arm up in front of you.
  • Pause for a moment then lower your arm back down.
  • Continue “around the world” lifting each of your limbs.
  • Lift your left arm out in front of you, then your left leg, and finally your right leg.
  • Pause for a moment when lifting each limb, then lower down.
  • Going “around the world” once is one rep.
  • Do 10 reps, 3 sets.

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