Get Jessica Alba’s Body With 3 Moves From Celebrity Trainer Yumi Lee!

yumi lee and jessica alba

A fitness activist for over 15 years, celebrity trainer Yumi Lee is the secret weapon celebrities use to whip their bodies into shape. A believer in the saying “there is no greater investment than the investment in onesel,f” Lee uses an intense style of training , making sure that she helps her clients both mentally and physically.

She enforces  the idea that exercise is a lifestyle change and  making healthy choices is too a lifestyle change. With this in mind you can achieve any fitness goals. Some  celebrity bodies she has sculpted (and we completely lust over) include  Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, Miranda Kerr and recently hot and sexy mama of two, Jessica Alba!

Lee reveals how Jessica was able to restore that rock hard body (like the one in Honey), with a cross training system. Similar to boot camp fitness, cross fit uses plyometrics (jump training) to increase the body’s strength, agility and endurance.

In addition to cross training, Yumi also specializes in a variety of workouts such as  core training, flexible strength, interval training, circuit training and my favorite boot camp!

Here are three great exercise moves from plyometrics that will help you slim down and tone up fast!

plyometric exercises to lose weight

Burpees (repeat 20):

  • Drop to lower squat position.
  • Kick legs Out and extend arms.
  • Tuck legs as you rise and jump.

Power Push Ups (repeat 10)

  • Start in push up position
  • Push up using the power in your core.
  • If you can, clap your hands.
  • Fall back into push up position.

Plyo Lunges (repeat 30)

  • Stand and keep feet shoulder width apart.
  • Drop down into a lunge with your left foot forward (make sure your knees don’t go over your toes.)
  • Jump up and switch legs so you right foot is in front.
  • Land in a lunge.

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