Five Fun (But Tough) Medicine Ball Exercises

Medicine Balls Ex

Getting fit is all about improvising exercises in order to get better results! Add a medicine ball to your workouts and toss, slam or stretch you way to a great body. Medicine ball exercises are short and sweet, but tough enough to make you sweat hard.  They add stability, strength, and coordination to your workouts!

I recommend using either 2 or 4 pound balls, which you can find at our gyms.  Rev up your routine with these 5 quick exercises:

1. Mountain Climbers: abs, shoulders, hips and  the lower back

Floor Climbing is strength training that challenges the entire core and is a great workout for your shoulders.

Start by pushing hard on your medicine ball (all your balance is sustained by the ball) while you jump your feet back and forth as if you were climbing a wall.

Focus on small intervals such as 20 sec of climbing, 5 sec rest and do it for 5 rounds.

2. Lateral Ball Hops: back, shoulders, hamstrings and calves

Jumping looks childish, but it works you out anywhere!

Move as quickly as you can and toss the ball from hand to hand; stay on your right leg with the med ball in the right hand, and hop to the other leg while tossing and catching the ball in your left hand.

Do 4 reps of 15 tosses.

3. Trunk Rotations: core and lower back

These rotations work on the lower body; they slim down the love handles and strengthen the entire core.  You should build a stronger core in order to look great and prevent lower back injury.

Start by lying on your back with your legs in a table top position and your arms widely to your side, squeezing the ball between your knees.

Move your legs from side to side without moving your upper body.

Press your arms hard into the ground to hold your torso still and let the lower abs do all the work for you.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps.

4. Abs Med Ball Toss: abs and arms

Lay down on the mat in a sit-up position with the ball over your head (touching the ground.)  Rise up like you are doing a sit-up, and then throw the ball into the air a few inches above you.

Keep your belly contracted and extend fully towards the ceiling when you throw.  Lie back slowly and feel the abdominal tension burn!

Do 2 sets of 10 reps.


5. Pushups Med Ball Alternations: chest, shoulders and abs

This circuit finishes strong with push-ups.

Start in a pushup position with your left hand on the med ball. You can do it on your knees if you want.

Roll the ball to your right hand and do another pushup.

Do 1 or 2 sets of 10 reps.



Lucille Roberts Staff

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