Dance: The Secret To A “Celebrity” Body

dance your way to a celebrity body

What’s the secret of a J.LO, Shakira, Beyonce or Britney body? DANCING is what they all have in common. Dancing is the most entertaining total body aerobic workout that you can do; it provides endless fun and keeps your adrenaline flowing. Dance is the soul of a choreographic step class, of a dynamic Zumba class as well as the foundation of any group aerobics class. Dance is also a great core exercise. You can’t shake it, swirl it or drop it like it’s hot without a strong core.

“Strong is the new skinny” – see that new skinny in these four fit women, who are in enviable shape because of their passion for dance and exercise:

Shakira: Abs

Shakira, the Colombian singer has made music history with songs like “Hips don’t lie” and “She Wolf.” Her hits are associated with her gorgeous midsection – killer abs that belly dancing can make rock hard through provocative movements such as circles, slides and hip shaking. She includes a lot of belly dancing in her fitness routine, some strength training (to build lean, long muscles and firm up the whole body), and lots of Pilates for defined abs. Remember, crunches focus mostly on the front muscles and sides of your abdominal area, while dance movements are more complex – they work on your lower abs and hips to get your core stronger.

Beyonce: Hips and Thighs

Beyonce is a naturally curvy girl, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not toned up or she doesn’t stick to a strict workout regime. Her workout routines are smart, simple and diversified: at least a 30 minute cardio session (dance, running, or biking) followed by 45 minutes of total body strength training. She says that dancing is the most enjoyable way for her to sculpt her body and swing her curves: she loves Hip-Hop and R&B.

Jennifer Lopez: Legs and Butt

J.Lo is definitely an icon of ageless beauty- those sleek legs and curvy posterior has made that seductive look so famous! She mixes her cardio exercises routines (dancing, boxing, running, and biking) with resistance training 2-3 times per week. She believes that squats and lunges are mandatory to firm the glutes, but she uses dance to firm her midsection and lower belly. Latin rhythms are definitely preferred and, salsa is her favorite dance type.

Britney Spears: Total Body

Britney Spears shed her baby weight not once, but twice with dancing. Dancing is a high intensity workout and burns a high amount of calories and body fat. She prefers hip-hop dancing because it requires movements that develop endurance, strength and flexibility. Make sure your dance workouts have a lot of jumping, skipping and hopping; Essentially anything that takes your feet off the ground and brings your body into the air.  These high-intensity moves will help you increase bone density, burn fat and build muscle. Britney also lifts weights and runs to increase her coordination, endurance and decrease the odds of energy.

Whether you’re shaking it in your living room or at a class, dancing is a great way to get a body that would make a celebrity jealous!

Lucille Roberts Staff

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