Correct Your Exercise Form With These Tips!

correct exercise formThe proper form is everything when it comes to performing universal exercises. What many of us don’t realize is that the advice we may be getting from top trainers is probably wrong. So, instead of helping you master those moves, they could be setting you up for an injury.

That’s where we come in! Follow these correct form tips to help you perfect the most common exercises:

Push up

The most common tip people make the mistake of following when doing push ups is to keep your elbows wide and in line with your shoulders. Wrong. While your hands should be wide, your elbows should not. If your elbows are even with your shoulders, you’re at a greater risk for shoulder impingement.

To perform a correct push up, refer to our Push up Technique 101 video.


Sit ups are very easy to do wrong. Most people end up pushing their body forward when really, you’re supposed to have your body aligned, lifting your upper body straight up. If you find yourself with your chin pushing into your sternum, you’re doing this wrong.

For more information, check out our Crunching Technique 101 video with Dr. Emily!


Leaning forward is a common mistake when doing a lunge as well as having your knee cross your toes. To perform a lunge properly, you must have your legs apart at a good length bringing your body straight down as if someone is pulling you at your hips.

Watch out Lunge technique 101 video for more tips!

For more exercise form tips, visit our YouTube page!

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