5 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Goals On Track During The Weekend!

working out on the weekend


Weekends can get a little hectic and crazy when you have a lot to get done. Don’t let that be your excuse!

You don’t need to get to the gym to get your workout in. Let these at-home workout tips help you out:

1. Turn Your Housework Into A Workout

My weekends are usually spent doing things around the house that I don’t have time to do during the week. Whether you’re mopping the floors, scrubbing the tub or cleaning the windows, you can burn a lot of calories cleaning your house. Pump up the music and clean your house in intervals! Do something that’s fast-paced and follow it with something at a slower speed. You can also figure out creative ways to incorporate some strength training, like doing squats while you sort the laundry! Make sure to stretch before and after and stay hydrated!

2. Play

Playing sports, going for a swim, or power shopping (power walking through the mall while you shop) all count! As long as you keep moving you’ll burn calories. Don’t use the weekend to sit in front of the TV and veg out. Use it to shake up your routine and get in some quality fitness time with friends and family!

3. Try Something New

If you spend your week religiously on the treadmill, try out the elliptical on the weekends. Or maybe even a spin bike. ┬áIf you normally use free weights, try a machine and vice-versa. You’re not breaking your “routine” so you’ll feel much more comfortable trying something new. Our bodies love variety!

4. Make Time For Yourself

You work very hard during the week. Going to the gym every day, eating right all while working/going to school/taking care of your family. Take an hour or two every weekend (both days if you can) to do something for yourself. Whether it’s a bubble bath, meditating, or just 2 hours with your phone turned off, this time will help you recharge your batteries and you will be able to start Monday with energy!

5. Watch Your Cheat Days

Many people use the weekends as their cheat days and it’s easy to go overboard. Between cocktails and a few meals out with friends/family, you could very easily slow down your progress. Eating too much, drinking too much and sleeping too little are the easiest ways to lose track of your fitness goals. If you’re having a cocktail, opt for less sugary drinks. If you’re out at a restaurant look for the healthy meal icons. This is not the time to order the sampler! And make sure you rest. When you exercise you’re essentially tearing down your body and building it back stronger, so make sure you give your body the fuel to do it!

Lucille Roberts Staff

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