5 Ways to Get Out of a Workout Funk


We have all been there, it’s time for your workout but you just can’t seem to get it together.  You might be finding every reason why you can’t workout or procrastinating by doing something else like rearranging your closet. Try utilizing the tips below for the days you might be in a workout rut!

Remember why you started: Reflecting back on why you joined a gym or started training for 5K might help to get your butt in high gear.  Including a motivational quote or an inspirational photo that reminds you of a goal you are working towards will mentally get you focused so that you can physically hit the gym.

Don’t forget how far you have come: It’s easy to forget the hurdles that you have overcome during your fitness journey. Maybe you could only walk on the treadmill now you are jogging? You might be able to lift a heavier weight in comparison to the first time you started? Taking a moment to pat yourself on the back will help you to keep coming back for more.

Get enough shuteye:  It’s hard for our bodies to do anything if we aren’t fully rested.  Most of us underestimate the importance of sleep, without adequate rest it can impact your body inside and out.  Other side effects include decreased energy levels and poor performance mentally and physically.  So make sure you are getting at least seven hours of sleep a night.

Call your workout buddy: This person will understand your pain. Having an accountability partner that can sympathize with the ups and downs that come with working out will be the best person to encourage you to make time for a daily sweat.

Set a workout alarm: Programming your phone with a friendly reminder is a nice nudge if you find yourself not getting out of bed or comfortably situated on the couch after work. Have your alerts set to your favorite song that always gets you going or with a workout mantra, get creative!


Nadia Murdock is nationally recognized fitness coach, published author and regular on-air fitness expert. She is living proof that her “train your mind, change your body” method works.  After changing her own life via her own weight loss journey to a healthier lifestyle she became dedicated to sharing that power with others through her company Nadia Murdock Fit. Nadia has a B.A. in Psychology and taps into the strength and power of the mind when advising others in achieving their fitness goals. She also enjoys all forms of fitness from Kickboxing to Zumba and never goes a day without breaking a sweat.

You can find Nadia on Facebook, Twitter: @NadiaMurdockFit and at www.nadiamurdockfit.com.

Barbara Baez

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