5 Ways To Be A Better Runner

Woman runningSo you want to become a better runner? Many people believe that by running more often it’ll just become easier as you go along. This may be somewhat true, but what you do on your off time can be affecting your abilities too.

Whether you’re trying to improve your running stats or you just want to be able to run two miles without stopping, here are five ways you can improve your stamina to become a better runner:

1. Stretch

Warming your body up by doing some simple stretches before a run is important. It can actually help you become a faster runner because they can improve your flexibility and strength over time.

2. Hydrate

Chances are, you’re probably not drinking enough water. We all know how important it is to keep hydrated, especially when you’re running a lot. Beat fatigue and muscle cramps by hydrating well every day.

3. Fuel up

It’s always a good idea, before and after your run, to load up on carbs and protein. Carbs help fuel your muscles, while protein builds them up. You should stock up!

4. Cool down

A lot of people choose to stop running abruptly, but your run isn’t over until you’ve spent a few minutes on cooldown stretches. Doing so helps relieve muscle tightness and soreness, so you can bounce back and be ready for your next run.

5. Sleep

Okay, so yeah sleep is vital for our bodies to function. Your body needs to recharge if you want to have enough energy for a good run, so make sure you get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. If you’re not getting that much then you should fix your sleep schedule.

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Catherine Mendez

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