5 Tips To Become A Runner And Keep At It



Running is arguably one of the best forms of cardiovascular activity because it ranges from low to high intensity exercise.  This means you can burn a range of 100 calories to 1000 calories, or more, depending on how many miles you cover.

But running is physically and mentally difficult and once you’ve skipped a day, it can turn into a week or a month and you feel like you have to start from scratch.  Here are 5 tips that will help you keep your running routine!

  1. Create a New Music Playlist: listening to the same music repeatedly can become tiresome and you can start feeling less motivated/ excited while running. Thanks to LR  Radio and free apps like Spotify and Pandora, running playlists can be created for you by your music preference.
  2. Switch Up Intervals: Running at the same interval for over 10 minutes can be boring, and when you are bored you more likely to quit. By switching intervals every 1 to 3 min your mind and your muscles have to stay alert.
  3. Change of  Scenery: A change of scenery is can help when you’re an outdoor  runner. Try another route/track, it will make you feel inspired by your surroundings.
  4. Wear Comfortable Attire: Do not wear shorts that will cause your thighs to chafe or clothing that will overheat your body. Instead try shorts with built in tights and lightweight/breathable active wear to prevent overheating.
  5. Measure Your Time : Tracking your progress when running is a good way to motivate yourself to increase  your time and your velocity. It is a method of challenging yourself , and  gives you an incentive to become a better runner.

Bonus tip: Ask a friend to join you. Having a partner makes a workout more fun, increases friendly competition and keeps you committed.

Alyssa Holder