5 Must Have Fitness Gadgets

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Today’s fitness gadgets can make your routine easier, faster and more productive. These small accessories will track your fitness progress, help you recover from workouts quicker, or simply make your time at the gym more fun!

There are plenty of them and we’ve got five affordable fitness gizmos that are easily carried anywhere.


Pedometer1. Pedometer

This smart electronic device tells you how active or inactive you are by tracking your daily activity from simple walking steps to real workouts at the gym (running or any aerobic activity).

It is multifunctional: it keeps a record of how many steps you take every day, counts the number of calories you burn per day and estimates speed and workout time; it’s a great fitness motivator that gauges your daily fitness progress. It’s easy-to-use, inexpensive (it starts from $3 and up) and very comfy – you just clip it to the waist, tuck it in your pocket or wear it on your wrist.

For women, experts recommend 10,000 steps a day to keep the body fat low.  An accurate step pedometer is Omron Gosmart Hip Pedometer HJ -151™, found at BestBuy for $24 or for a better bargain, check it out on Amazon. This little gadget stores up to seven days of fitness progress: steps, time and distance, plus it resets automatically.

pink weight lifting gloves


2. Weightlifting Gloves

When lifting weights and working on your strength, your hands get rough and tired fast and you can get blisters if you have sensitive skin.

Put these gloves on and fight hand fatigue! They wick away sweat and enhance stability for a great grip. You can buy them from any sport store from $8.


3. Interval Timer

Interval Timer

Adding intensity and variety to your workout is the key for a slimmer and more toned you, and you must have already experienced the burn of interval training. Between your sets and rep, you just have to set this nifty gadget to track the time of work and rest.  Now, you need just a beep or a vibration to know your interval completion instead of staring at clock.

GymBoss™ $19.99 is the personal boss for any type of exercise training that tells you when to stop without cheating between sets.

Everlast Interval Training Round Timer™ $18.50 at Walmart. This interval timer and stop watch is great for enthusiastic fitness beginners; the average time of work is 3 minutes and then recovery. Damn, if you can do 3 minutes of burpees, you’re on the right track!


massage bar4. Muscle Massage Bar

GoFit – Bob Harper 18” Massage Bar™ – as you remember, his presence made The Biggest Loser a great show.  Bob Harper still impresses us with his smart workouts and healthy fit lifestyle tips. He has created this massage tool, which can stimulate circulation before a workout, decreases post-workout muscle pain, and, when used frequently, prevents muscle injuries and improves flexibility. What’s more relaxing than an affordable muscle therapy massage that can accelerate post-workout recovery?

You can purchase it from Best Buy for $24.99.

power loops resistance bands


5. Band Loops 

These flat resistance bands add some extra power to your muscles focusing on your hips, legs and glutes; are ideal for short, dynamic movements such as hip abduction, flexion or extension and squats. They are soft, comfortable and suitable for every resistance level, from light to heavy.

You can order Versa-Loops™ from power-systems.com from $3.25-$4.45 or GoFit Power Loops™ $16.99 for a set of three at Modell’s store.

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