5 Exercises To Get Beyonce’s Super Bowl Body!

(Editor’s note: The NFL is having some trouble with their embed codes, but you can watch the full performance here.)

We know we know. Beyonce’s performance was so amazing, she caused a blackout. I don’t know about you, but I all I was wondering did she really just have a baby?! With that body? With those thighs? But no fear, this is why we are here. To help you get Beyonce’s Super Bowl Body!

plie squat and walking lunges

1.  Plie Squats and Walking Lunges

Squats and lunges are your booty’s best friend! Beyonce does 100 squats and 100 walking lunges. Kick it up a notch and do plie squats with your toes pointed out. Make sure to not let your knee go over your toe during the walking lunge.

plank2. Plank

Everyone knows the plank is THE best workout for your abs. Dr. Emily says to hold the plank for 10 second bursts for the most intensity.


3. Spiderman Push Up

Get in standard push up position. While you’re pushing up, bring your left knee to your left elbow. Return your left leg to the floor as you lower yourself. Repeat with your right leg.


4. Bench Jumps

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to feel a serious burn in your calves, glutes, hamstrings and quads this is the exercise to do. Start off small and increase the height of your jump.



5. Corkscrews

Lie on your back with your legs raised at a 90 degree angle. Cross your left leg over your right leg and point your toes. Tuck your abs in and draw a circle with your legs moving from the left down around to the right. As you get to the top, press your arms into the floor and lift your hips up as high as you can. Lower your hips back to the starting position. Cross your right leg over your left leg and reverse the circle.

And there you have it. You’ll be looking bootylicious in no time!

Lucille Roberts Staff

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