3 Ways To Workout With A Medicine Ball

3 Ways to Workout with a Medicine Ball

Getting bored is a sure fire way to fall off track with your fitness routine. By varying your workout from time to time not only will you remain engaged, but you will also continue to see results.

Working with a medicine ball is an extremely effective workout, allowing you to tone and tighten several muscles simultaneously.  These workouts will also help you to complete everyday tasks with ease like lugging grocery bags.

Make sure to select a weighted ball that is suitable for your fitness level. Suggested weight for most workouts is 8-10lbs. Below are 3 ways you can start incorporating a medicine ball into your toning routines:

Wood Chopper


Wood Chopper: This workout will concentrate on your upper and lower body, ideal for total body toning. While standing in squat position, hold the medicine ball close to your body with both hands at chest level. Slowly lower your body into a squat position while dropping the medicine ball at angle to one side of the body. When returning to standing position, lift the ball close to your shoulders opposite of the angle you originally lowered the ball while in squat position. The workout should look as though you are chopping a block of wood with an axe. This should be done for 8 reps on each side.

Russian Twist Standing


Standing Russian Twist: This move helps to develop balance and coordination needed for everyday life.  Stand with the medicine ball in both hands held straight out in front of you (tip: make sure your arms are aligned with your shoulders.) Slowly twist your body to one side while keeping your arms held straight out in front, simultaneously pivot the opposite foot of the direction your turning in.  Regain your position and perform the same action on the opposite side.  Perform as many alternating reps as possible.



Medicine Ball Sit Up: This workout will target your core and arms.  Seated in an upright right position, legs bent and feet planted on the floor, have the medicine ball in both hands straight out in front of you aligned with your shoulders.  Slowly lower your body to the floor as you would with a regular sit up and return to starting position while keeping the ball the straight out in front of you and feet planted on the ground.  Perform as many repetitions as you can and slowly work your way up.

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