3 New Ways To Switch Up Your Cardio Routine

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If you’re looking to get and stay lean this New Year, cardio is the way to go!

However, one of the downsides to cardio is that it can get boring fast when you’re trying to maintain the same pace for extra-long sessions. To help, we suggest mixing things up with a series of different cardio routnins to keep you moving and focused. Try these few:

1. Stairs

Seriously, how many round trips do you take in the elevator each day? Rather than taking the easy way out, try taking the stairs instead. Doing so will add a little bit more cardio into your day. And if you really want a challenge, try going two steps at a time while staying light on your feet. We guarantee you’ll be seeing results by how easy those stairs will be after a few weeks.

2. Kettleball Swings

According to the Russian Kettlebell Club, a properly done kettlebell swing is, in addition to being great for your glutes, one of the best fat-burning exercises around. So, if you want to nix that weight fast, try doing a set of kettlebell swings (minimum 20) after each set of a weightlifting exercises, or bang out three sets at the end of your workout. That extra burn will feel good later.

3. Cardio Between Sets

In the war against body fat, you’re going to need all the friends you can get. In this case, we mean a jump rope. Just look at any boxer or martial artist and you’ll see that hat jumping rope is a fundamental exercise that will  help develop lean, “mean fighting machines” (in combination with traditional weight training). We’re not saying you have to become “mean fighting machines,” but by adding one minute of jumping rope on the end of every weightlifting set, you’ll be sweating those weight-loss worries away.

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Catherine Mendez

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