We Try It You Win It: Every Day Is Your Runway: A Shoe Lover’s Guide to Healthy Feet and Legs

Dr. Emily Everyday is your runway

Dr. Emily Splichal has been in your shoes! Standing at just 5’2″, she has a penchant for high heels not just because they look great, but because they also provide stature, height, and confidence. Sleek stilettos make women of every size feel feminine, sexy, and in control. Your legs seem longer, your entire body leaner, and your walk . . . well that speaks for itself!

As a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Creator of the Catwalk Confidence Program, Dr. Emily knows that those same shoes that make you feel empowered can also wreak havoc on your feet, legs – and body. From blisters and bunions to twisted ankles and low back pain, being stylish and sexy often comes at price far greater than a pair of your favorite Jimmy Choos.

Our feet are the foundation of our body, yet we often take them for granted. While we frequently indulge in pedicures, laser hair removal, and other things that make our feet and legs look their best, we also neglect them by standing and walking incorrectly in sky high heels.

Isn’t it time you gave your feet and leg the care – and respect that they deserve? Every Day Is Your Runway: A Shoe Lover’s Guide to Healthy Feet and Legs is your complete guide to beauty and wellness from your low back all the down to the tips of your toes.

Dr. Emily will teach you unparalleled care techniques for the feet and legs before, during and after a long day in high heels. Learn the secrets behind her Catwalk Confidence Workout, Stiletto Recovery techniques and stiletto foot health. This fun and informative guide will ensure you look – and feel – fabulous while strutting your stuff….truly making Everyday Your Runway!

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