Dr. Emily: Tips for Looking Sexy in Your Heels on Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, its time to dust of your favorite heels and start practicing your stiletto strut. Whether you are a seasoned stiletto-lover or you fancy flats, these simple tips will help you look strong, sexy, and confident for your Valentine!

Step #1 – Posture!

The first step to looking confident in your heels is strong posture. Proper posture will not only make you look more confident but will help you feel more stable in your heels.

What does proper posture look like? Try to keep your head up and your shoulders down to elongate your neck. Maintain a slight tuck in your pelvis to prevent your lower back from swaying too much, as that will throw your chest forward. Finally, always keep your knees soft and your feet straight.

Step #2 – The Strut!

After you’ve mastered the proper posture in heels, it’s time to start moving. The secret to walking gracefully in your heels is finding a rhythm. Step one foot in front of the other, aiming for the ball of the foot. Avoid trying keep all your body weight on your toes, as this will throw off your balance. With each step, try to find the heel-toe rhythm with your walk.

Step #3 – The Personality!

The final and best part of walking in heels is adding a little flavor! Relax into your stiletto strut by moving your hips, swinging your arms, and of course keeping a fierce look in your eyes!

Have fun with your walk and show your Valentine the strong, sexy, confident you!

Watch Dr. Emily demonstrate how to walk properly in heels on Oprah!

Dr. Emily and Oprah

 Dr. Emily is the Fitness Director for Lucille Roberts.

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