Trainer Tip: Yummy Snacks to Get You Through the Day

When we get hungry during the day, it can be a struggle to figure out the best snack to eat. Ideally, we opt for a snack that will keep us full and is nutritious. But sometimes, we begin to run out of ideas and then end up eating junk food. To avoid eating those bad snacks, try some of these snacks which taste yummy and are good for you!

1. Greek yogurt hits the spot. It comes in many flavors and is high in protein. One brand I particularly like is Chobani.

2. Carrots with humus or low-fat ranch dressing. Sometimes just a good crunchy serving of carrots fills my tummy. To make it tasty, eat it with hummus or low-fat ranch dressing.

3. Protein or nutrition bar. Make sure to check the calories, fat grams, and especially sugar. I like to eat the Atkins bars and the new Luna protein bars. It’s also important to make sure the bar has several grams of fiber so your body can digest it easily.

4. Fruit salad can be so delish! The best combination is when you buy fresh fruit and mix it all together.  The natural juices come together and coat each piece of fruit. I love mangos, peaches, and apples.

5. Last resort snacks are the 100 calorie packs. Most importantly, make sure to consume only one pack, not 2 or 3, because eating multiple servings defeats the purpose of the low-calorie packs. A good buy are the Emerald nuts and trail mix 100 calories packs.

What are some of your favorite low-calorie snacks? Please share! We love hearing from you!

Trainer Tip by Gisela Andalia, group fitness instructor and personal trainer at Lucille Roberts Jersey City.

Lucille Roberts Staff


  1. . My mane is grecia I am 23 years old .I have a big baby boy of 1 year.I just enrolled in this gym but I dont want to loose weight because I am skinny but my body is not the same I have some stomach n my legs are not strong which exercises do u recommend me ,,,I have 105 lbs thank you

    • Hi Grecia – It sounds like right now your workouts should focus more on strength training than cardio in order to build muscle, strengthen, and tone without losing weight–since you’re already thin. Check out our toning classes, and make sure you’re getting lots of lean protein in your diet. (Incorporating a Live Rite shake after your workout is a great way to give your body extra protein that it can use to build muscles.) But the best thing you can do for yourself is to work with a personal trainer who can tailor your workouts to meet your specific fitness goals. To save money, you could try one of our small group training (SGT) programs. Hope this helps!

  2. I weight right now 180 I dont really want to lose weight I have been going to the gym for month now and I want to lose my stomach what should I do.

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