Trainer Tip: How to Calculate Your Metabolic Rate

The holidays are right around the corner, and this is the time when we consume the most calories. It is important that we enjoy the holidays with family and friends but not go overboard eating more than usual. Once you begin to eat more calories than your body is accustomed to, the weight gain begins. Below is a metabolic rate formula you can use to calculate how many calories you should be consuming. This will help you maintain your weight or lose one to two pounds a week, depending on your goals. And remember, exercise is essential for weight maintenance or weight loss.

How to Calculate Your Metabolic Rate

1.  (Your weight in lb.) / 2.2  =

2. (Your height in inches) x 2.54 =

3. (Amount from step 1) x 9.6  =

4. (Amount from step 2) x 1.8 =

5. (Your age in years) x 4.7 =

6. 655 + (Amount from step 3) + (Amount from step 4)  - (Amount from step 5) =  ___________ This is your Resting Metabolic Rate, or RMR.

7. Multiply your RMR by the appropriate activity factor:

  • If you are sedentary (you do little or no activity): RMR x 1.2
  • If you are slightly active (you perform light exercise/sports 1-3 days a week): RMR x 1.375
  • If you are moderately active (you perform moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days a week: RMR x 1.55
  • If you are very active (you engage in strenuous exercise/sports 6-7 days a week): RMR x 1.725

RMR x activity factor = ____________This is the minimum number of calories you need each day to maintain your present weight.

8. (Amount from step 7) – 500 = ______________This is the minimum number of calories you need each day to lose 1-2 pounds a week.

Trainer Tip by Gisela Andalia, group fitness instructor and personal trainer at Lucille Roberts Jersey City.

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