The Cure For Your Cravings

controlling your cravings while on a diet

We all have that moment when our cravings take over and we want to eat everything in sight. Some of us have multiple moments when it’s that time of the month. Fortunately there is an easy way to satisfy your cravings without packing on the pounds. Let’s call it ” a little taste.”

When you have the urge to eat something that you normally wouldn’t/shouldn’t have a little taste and then stop. If it’s a candy bar, have a square. Chips – have a few. Ice cream – have two spoonfuls.

Studies show that when two people are craving something and one eats a whole serving, while another eats a few bites, they are both equally satisfied even though the first group ate 77% more calories*.

So yes you can have your cake and eat it too, just have a few bites!

Brittany Hennessy

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