The Benefits Of Greek Yogurt and We Try It You Win It: Yoplait Greek 100

yoplait greek 100

For everyone trying to eat clean and healthy, greek yogurt is the greatest thing since sliced bread, well maybe not bread but you get the idea. Greek yogurt is amazing and not only are were going to tell you the benefits of it, we’re giving five readers a chance to win a case of Yoplait Greek 100.

1. Loaded with protein.

I cannot stress enough the importance of protein when you’re working out at the gym and/or cutting back on calories. Protein helps you build and maintain muscle mass and keeps you fuller longer. Yoplait Greek 100 contains twice the grams of protein (10g) as regular non-greek yogurt.

2. Great source of calcium.

Greek yogurt has gotten a bad rap because it loses some of its calcium in the straining process, but it is still an excellent source of calcium. Calcium is essential for teeth and bone health and is great in aiding heart and nerve function.

3. The perfect alternative for everything.

Have you ever had greek yogurt with fresh fruit or with honey (or both if you’re me?) It’s enough to make you think you’re eating a pint of ice cream. Okay maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s definitely decadent. Yoplait Greek 100 comes in 6 flavors: key lime, black cherry, strawberry, mixed berry, peach, vanilla, It’s texture also makes it a great substitute for milk, sour cream and can even be used for baking. Take that heavy cream! Bonus points: put it in your Live Rite shake!

4. Good for your stomach.

If you’ve been trying to boost your probiotics you’re in luck. Greek yogurt can improve your digestive health, keep bacteria in your stomach healthy and boost your immune system.

5. It’s super healthy and trendy.

Greek yogurt is gluten free, has less lactose than regular yogurt and is low in carbohydrates (9 grams vs. 15-17 grams in regular non-greek yogurts.) It’s also the only Greek yogurt endorsed by Weight Watchers® with a PointsPlus® value of 2 per serving.*

Now that I have you salivating, it’s time to break out the prizes. As promised five readers will each win a case of Yoplait Greek 100. I don’t have to tell you how this works, so get social and win!

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*WEIGHT WATCHERS for services and PointsPlus are the registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc., and are used with permission by General Mills.

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